Does the quality of leads matter for incentive networks?

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    I've been wondering this, because a lot of posts here talking about incentive methods, say that the network will eventually find out and ban you for sending them garbage leads.

    I want to know if this kind of thing happens on incentive-allowed networks. They say you can have people complete an offer in order to access your content or for whatever reason... only they don't allow money as an incentive. I'd imagine there must be a noticeable difference between people completing your offers for a gateway locker, and people completing them for money. Since at least the gateway people can still convert on occasion.

    My question is, do you really have to worry about whether your leads are "garbage" or not when doing the non-money incentives that the networks explicitly allow?
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    When you're promoting any offer (incentive or not) you need to make sure the quality is good. Generally, incentive offers pay less because they take into account that quality will be worse. However, there is BAD quality for incentive offers as well.
    If you're using a content gateway you generally don't have to worry. When you start giving people cash incentives or some sort of prizes - that's when the leads start taking a turn downhill.
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    You are totally right adGate.
    Incentive offers have much lower payouts to cover the low quality.
    The advertisers have much test in this. Remember the advertiser think from the whole.