Does swearing in blogs fuck you up?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by fighterofnightman, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Hey, this is my first post...been lurking forever and im not really a noooob but i am just getting started in CPA. I ask this in the cpa section as opposed to the blogging section because i intend to monetize with cpa rather than adsense or whatever...

    Okay, so I do a blog in the seduction niche. I started it as a vehicle for promoting my product that teaches guys how to pick up women on myspace and facebook. Now i am realizing that it could be better used for getting cpa leads for dating sites and so forth.

    The blog has a very personal, intimate and chatty style where the conversation revolves around my escapades as a ladies man. I used to read the PUA blogs and they all have this sterile way of putting everything. I want mine to be different, and real.

    So, i don't use a lot of euphemisms. I want to be a real player voice in a sea of internet marketers pretending to be pick up artists.

    I write about real shit that guys would be interested it. Rather than the same rehashed articles in the seduction community, I give real gems of my golden little "how to fuck her in the ass" piece. And basically, i say "fuck" a lot...since that's ultimately what seduction is all about.

    So my question is...for the purpose of internet marketing, particularly in the eyes of affiliate networks, does having edgy content and dropping a lot of F bombs hurt you?

    Any advice from knowledgeable users would be appreciated.
    And again, like i said, this is my first post here so let's keep personal attacks to a minimum :)
    I am really only interested in what you guys think about swearing in blogs and whether or not it hurts your wallet.
    I'm not trying to plug my shit or anything, and wont even drop a link.

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    Well only being in one CPA network im not entirely sure about what Im about to tell you but I have a theory that they have an automated check list opposed to having people actually view your site......

    I think that as long as you write a good 'speech' about how you are looking forward to working with their site (as you have heard great things...... [wink, wink, nudge, nudge...say no more]........)

    And you tell them how you are going to provide incentives to your users (in a white hat way ofc)

    You have an email address that is

    And you don't hail from a country that they pertain to be 'dodgy'

    You should be fine as I have a blog also and I swear quite often on it (look at me... so tough) and I did manage to get accepted so...

    Also this blog you have set up.... Do you use PUA methods and all that shite?