Does "Over-Optimization" include Onsite SEO?

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    Specifically, changing filepathnames so that they are more reflective of content, i.e. instead of "wp-admin/imagefiles/picture1.jpg" you make it "keywordfiles/keywordpictures/keyword1.jpg".

    Lots of discussions about the latest change, but no one has separated onsite SEO from "everything else".

    I'm thinking that if the intent of G is to pressure-down on link spam, etc... then it's possible that onsite SEO may now figure more significantly in the algorithm. "Everyone" says that you need anchor text diversity, but that's off-site, and while there is a difference between onsite SEO and keyword stuffing, I do not think it is crossing any kind of line to do what reasonably can be done to make your site as optimized as possible.

    But many people are advocating the word "natural" which to some means "accidental" or "negligent", and that any proactive involvement at all on your website can be interpreted as "over-optimization". My instinct says that's bullshit, and I want to know if others agree. Another thing I'll throw-in is that it seems that a large group of people that never gave a fuck about content or a "natural profile", and have just had their ass kicked up around their ears, are now suddenly fucking experts on what the word "natural" means, and how much optimization is too much.

    They got to #1 by doing the exact opposite of that, and they still don't know a damn thing about it, so I'm not really willing to pay attention to their opinions on what "natural" and "just right optimization" looks like. They've never cared about that before, and still don't know a damn thing about it. Like Rush Limbaugh says, never take career advice (or optimization advice) from people that have failed. Take your advice from winners.

    What does "winning" look like in this case?

    For your entertainment, a hard-core blackhatter offers his opinions:
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