Does It Help A New Website If You Fake Traffic?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by websitesareus, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Let's say you have a new website where you have just built 300 links, but still have very few visitors, and it's submitted to Google Analytics.

    I believe the Google bot thinks "hmmm... this this is strange: no visitors, but already 300 backlinks..." and somehow 'penalizes' you.

    Do you think it might help to rank faster and better if you 'fake' your traffic in the first time, e.g. by using proxies and the Firefox plugin 'reload every', or using fake Alexa traffic generators, in order to have an adequate amount of 'traffic' corresponding to the amount of backlinks you build to a new site?

    What are your thoughts and experience on this?
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    I'm not sure of the effect it will have on your website being indexed, but if you are running adsense on that site you can kiss your account goodbye without any real content to the cancellation message google will send you. Mine didn't say anything about invalid clicks, rather something to the effect of 'behavior that could pose a significant risk to the security of our advertisers'. I then immediately appealed as I obviously had quit using the traffic generator, got a response today, a little over a month later, account cannot be reactivated. Let this be a lesson, if you want to boost your alexa ranking do so before you enable adsense on the site. Also, be sure to follow google's guidelines and TOS to a T.
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    First off Alexa traffic generators do not work. there is a reason they do not work as the communication between the browser and surfing is one that a bot can not emulate. Ohh there are some really compelling tales out there so people get you to install there freeware spyware crap. At one time they even really did work but not no more. As alexa now ranks via time and length of visit how they navigate through a site and a bunch of other things that a bot just can not do.

    Reload every is a good solution coupled with maybe hide my ip or something.

    however it is not going to help your google rankings. Google gives a rat ass how many people go to your site. they do however care about how many people click on your link in there search engine it is one of there lesser known ways of ranking a website. Do you honestly think they are going to take a website that is number one and it gets no clicks on there search engine results page while another site for the same keyword is ranked number 5 and getting 20 clicks a day? Hell no they want to pump that site up to number one. No amount of off site SEO can help that. However having a great description and following some good SEO practices can effect it.

    Far as backlinks and traffics go just do some linkwheels you will be alright I am most certain of this.