Does google differentiate link sources engines?

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    Like lets say i will have only web20s as backlinks.. i somehow maintain 50% ******** 50% nofollow..
    no other kinds of link. only web20s.

    I know "you need diversify" rule but that sounds weird to me.. do you guys really think they differentiate backlinks? if i have only 250 backlinks, and all of these are web20s, but these are like no more than 2 links per IP/domain/platform meaning theres no single footprint "web20s" so google cant tell if these are article directories/wikis/blog comments(i know blog comments are HQ if made wisely) or webs

    web20s are of bigger quality than other kinds of links(except blog comments and some very very hq links), therefore u could make only web20s to ur site because ur whole backlinks profile consists only of hq backlinks.

    if we added link diversity to it, our backlink profile would worsen cause simply article directories/forum comments/wikis or whatever are of smaller quality = we increase backlinks amount to our siteby adding good but not as good as web20s backlinks to our moneysite

    in case u didnt understand me, i mean that the more links we get by adding link diversity, the more we ruin our perfect link profile made by web20s.

    of course web20s take long to kick in and the same rules goes for any kind of backlinks.

    for example if we had ONLY pbns but a good amount, then therefore our backlink profile would be much stronger cause we have less links

    of course we will never maintain that amount of pbn links so we dont need to fill the low link amount gap with other links, that was just an example

    TL;DR - the less bad/weak/neutral/good but not great links we have, the better our site should rank, cause the overall link condition is better, same goes for site overall condition on onpage seo.

    What are your thoughts on it? PS this rule wont probably work when we have no links at all.

    Obviously its better to have 300 gsa spam links pointed at our money site than no backlinks at all.
    Its better to have 1k HQ backlinks pointed at our money site than 1k HQ backlinks and 1K gsa spam.

    Correct me if im wrong?
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    Google knows what a web2.0 is because it is their business to know what a web2.0 is. Also they now have the world's most sophisticated AI running on the fly algo updates and I'm guessing that they could figure out what TYPE of website a website is based on the AI simply being able to identify common characteristics, as well as reading the on-site text.

    No, diversity and quality matter. Content, link velocity, and anchor ratios also matter. You're thinking like it is still 2010. That is exactly how the game was back then.