Does G Factor How Many Links Your Site Has vs Your Competition And Monthly Searches?

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    Im trying to figure out how aggressive I can be with my link building for my offline business. The competition doesn't have much backlinks and there isn't alot of monthly searches for city+service. Maybe 1000 with all of the combinations combined.

    I am currently in the middle of page one and want to get to top but dont want to trigger a penalty. So im wondering if your competition doesnt have alot of links and the monthly searches is low and you build alot of links will this trip off a penalty.

    Does G use a %formula for this you think?
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    Absolutely. I'm sure there's some deviation that's coded in. Where Google split tests your site against the top 10, figures out if your within some standard deviation, if not, how far out you are, then responds based on that.

    I've seen it myself. In 1 niche the most links my competitor has is 400. I got to page 2 and tried 20 PBN links in 1 day. I jumped to page 1 immediately. Was there for 3 days stable. Then immediately dropped to my original position and froze. When I slowed down my frequency the effectiveness of my links exploded.

    I'm not psychic but we know Google split tests sites on page 1. I'm pretty sure during those 3 days some algo was measuring how far my link frequency deviated, decided it was outside the norm then rejected those links. I didn't get penalized, but they were good links and had no effect. Then 2 months later I start building the same links much slower like I said and suddenly everything began slowly moving up in typical SEO fashion.

    ps. I HIGHLY suspect it wasn't "dancing" because sites don't go from pos 26 to 10 in 1 day in competitive local niches. It was a perfect movement from 26 straight up to 10, stayed at 10 for 3 days then when back to 26 where it flatlined for 2 months straight. That's not normal dancing behavior when you get that high in certain industries. The most you dance is a few positions. There's a small rhythm and flow to the dance. What I saw looked like an algo slipped in after 4 days then just ignored those links. So instead of fluctuating in the SERPs I gained my stable 26 back and didn't move till Google saw a slow drip of links coming in.
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