Does anyonw know how to automate apps from playstore f4f

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    You know these mobile apps "follow for follow" but they have a limit like 50 follows per hour and than you should rest like an hour.
    Well I found a way how to skip that one hour . With my calculations if I do it manually clicking constantly the "follow" button and doing the trick to skip the one hour pause it needs like 60 minutes to get back around 1500 followers. (It doesn't matter if the acc that I used spamming on following others get banned because I can get the followers on any acc that I want which means that I can use as many acc as I want to boost whichever acc I want ).
    I have seen from followers that I get 60% of them are fake accounts and 40% are real , and haven't seen any drop yet as the app is very strictly with it's terms.

    There are plenty of apps like that on android market with same functions but I only tried and found the bug on one and I was wondering if anyone tried any of these apps and is it possible to automate this procedure ?

    Ps : English isn't my national language .
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    Regarding to automating:

    Have you tried automating apps from the Play Store?
    and so on, there are a lot.

    Or you can try an Android emulator for desktop like Bluestacks or Andyroid. If it's a fairly simple task, like you need to click on a certain place of a page for instance, even a simple mouse clicker application would do with timer function. If you have a machine you don't use, just let it run 24/7.
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