Does Anyone Use Xenforo Media Gallery Or Can Tell Me About It

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by tunescool, Oct 31, 2016.

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    ive had a celeb pic forum for years and used to have a custom made archives section like a celeb fansite, categorized by appearances, candids, year, so every thread on the forum could be found easily and replied to

    ive always thought about getting xenforo besides the price and ungodly extra costs

    i never seen they had the media gallery till now, i looked for a demo and couldnt find one

    so you make galleries with pics, can i link each gallery to its respectable thread so if you go to the gallery you are in the thread and can reply at any time?

    thats what i want, but before i ever bought xenforo. if you cant link the galleries to their threads, support and whoever codes there may have a problem with wanting to make me a custom archive section that i specifically need for my forum. just because they already got one, but i dont like it

    they do make custom extensions for money there dont they?

    does anyone use the media gallery and i can look at it?

    does anyone have a xenforo license they wanna get rid of or access to older cheaper ones, i couldnt buy it rite now but id at least know where i could get one