Does anyone use decaptcher in Article Kevo?

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    I use article kevo almost 2 years. know people said me i am backdated because this software already outdated but i do very little linkbuilding and for my littel linkbuilding task this soft is good enough .
    Very frustating thing is Article kevo already seems to me stop their support .because today i saw they already close their community forum.I send a ticket but not sure am i get my massage replay or not ?

    All this past years i use deathbycaptcha as my captcha solver but recent days its totally out of service .though deathbycaptch authority claimed their solving accouricy 90% but i think its not more then 40-45%. For this reason i am thinking to change my captcha solver and bought de-captcher .But when i try to use my caridential in article kevo it show a fail to connect the internet .Not sure whats wrong .

    So need to know is their any experienced guy who use this software with decapture in past .I attach a 2 image to check the error massage as well setting .

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    Hi maltatodos,

    Thanks for reaching out, I apologize for any issue that you may have faced with our service.

    Could you please provide us your account username through PM so we can investigate your account? You should definitely be getting a better accuracy from our service.

    If you need a hand with anything else, please feel free of contacting me again.

    Best Regards,