Does anyone use Blast Bank or Drip Feed Blasts? Please help me :)

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    Hi guys,

    Looking for someone who is currently subscribed to and using either Blast Bank or Drip Feed Blasts, or both.

    It seems Blast Bank is not taking any new customers right now, and Drip Feed Blasts is $100 and I don't really need the service, I just want to check something out.

    So instead of me wasting money, I would like to ask a member or member(s) a favour. If you are using either of the above service, could you kindly use desktop recording software (camstudio, etc) to record your desktop and show me the interface of those services?

    I am actually doing this as a favour for a friend with no PayPal account and he has asked me to do it, but I am not so keen in spending the money. We both would just like to see a video showing the interface, scheduling, etc.

    If anyone could help, please PM me I would be highly greatful!

    Thank you,

    EDIT: In fear of asking too much, if I could borrow someones DFB account to make the video myself the way I would need it, that would be better. I realise this is highly unlikely, but thought I would ask. If not, that is fine I am not pushing this.
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