Does anyone think I could sell this website?

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    Howdy folks

    I've been looking into various IM and internet-related money-making techniques over the last few weeks (I have a journal going, and gave website development a go--it seems like a decent overall method, but it's very slow to get any momentum going. I'm in dire need of some money recently, so I was wondering if any of you think I could flip this website:
    It's new and has no natural traffic as of yet (I haven't really promoted it).

    Initially, I figured it would be sort-of self-promoting among a little niche of people, and thus could make a few bucks on the side, but I need some certainty that putting promotional work in will bring in the doe--and I'm not sure that that is the case for this. I need money for school ASAP, so I'm gonna flip this if I can!

    Anyway, your feedback is really helpful! Thanks if any of you can shed any insight on this kinda thing for me!

    edit: And moreso than just a yes or no answer, I'm sort-of looking for a little background information. What exactly will I have to transfer in the event of a sale? The domain name along with the files for the website? Do I need to transfer a hosting account, too? Thanks guys, you've all helped me a lot!

    edit: Decided "screw it" and just listed it.
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