Does anyone take Adderall here?

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    Just wondering if anyone takes adderall here and does it help you focus on your work and get better results?
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    Basically keeps your mind wide awake couldn't sleep for 24 hours first time I took it. Your body will be tired but your mind will be wide awake
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    ^ This.

    I was diagnosed with ADD back in high school. I'd go to school and be really focused and then when I got home I passed out for up to do homework,maybe watch a little TV and went back to sleep.

    That said, that doesn't happen to everyone. just my experience.

    I know a friend who was taking it and said he wish he didn't...your brain slowly becomes more dependent so you require a higher dosage over time to have the same effect. At some point it stops working, but you're still dependent on it.

    I stopped taking it cold turkey and for a day or two I really didn't feel like or had the ability to do much at all.
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    DO NOT take adderall.

    Please take it from a former meth cook, adderall is NOT a "drug" or a "pharmaceutical". It is a toxigenic amine that does the same thing to your brain as crystal meth does. It just happens slower. And let me say something for the record. When I got caught for making speed I had a very large "library" just dedicated to amphetamines. The library was bigger than my lab. This was mentioned on the front page of the asbury park press 2 days in a row among many other media outlets. The amount of books and documents the feds took out of my home was enormous. And these weren't just papers about synthesis of amphetamines but study after study after story about how and what amphetamines actually do to a persons brain.

    Adderall is a salt of amphetamine mixed with dextroamphetamine and various other amphetamine salts. But the point is they all break down in your body into the same basic compounds. And all forms of amphetamine salts have very similar, toxic effects on your brain


    First thing you'll notice is they damage your circadian rhythm. You will not be able to sleep. You'll get ringing in your ears. A sense of being overstimulated like you're on crack cocaine. And if you're on a high enough dose long enough the damage will be permanent. There are people off amphetamines for 30 years who still can't go to sleep at a regular bed time. Same thing in my case although it's been 15 years.

    Overtime things will get worse. Especially if you start raising your dose like most people do. At first the drug makes you feel energetic and confident but overtime you become extremely paranoid, anxious, depressed and can experience all sorts of psychotic side effects. In fact, amphetamines are 1 of very few drugs that trigger a drug induced & medically recognized psychosis. Called "amphetamine psychosis", "meth psychosis" or "methamphetamine psychosis". And if you get on enough adderall you will begin to experience symptoms of typical amphetamine psychosis. It won't be as ruthless as meth psychosis but it can be a nightmare to live with.

    These amphetamine salts trigger a syndrome very similar to paranoid schizophrenia. And again, even after you quit the symptoms can last for decades or a lifetime.

    1) The drug floods your brain with a ridiculous amount of dopamine. Dopamine is very similar to amphetamine. And amphetamine plays the role of dopamine very well. But what many people don't realize is that large amounts of dopamine, the levels that amphetamines produce, are extremely toxic to your brain. Even very low amounts are toxic.

    Why? Its the unstable "amine" branch. For example, if you ever let free base amphetamine sit out for a few hours, it will break down into this foul, poisonous stench of ammonia gas. I've smelt it hundreds of times (with a mask on) and it will make you sick to your stomach. But guess what? Dopamine does the same thing when triggered in your brain. Your brain produces high amounts of it, it breaks down into amines & ammonia and this shit eats away at your receptors like an acid would... except that amines are strong bases like lye. It would be the same thing as taking a syringe and injecting a few mcg of anhydrous ammonia right between your dopamine receptors. Those receptors are going to be assaulted in the worst way possible. And the more and more this exposure happens, the less and less the chances those receptors will ever recover.

    2) Your adrenal system. Dextro-amphetamines trigger a surge of nor-epinephrine and epinephrine into your bloodstream. AKA "adrenaline". So they hijack your natural fight or flight system. But here is the very unique thing about amphetamines. Most drugs DOWNREGULATE receptors. Like you take opiates you down regulate your delta kappa opiate receptors. If you take amphetamines you UPregulate your adrenal receptors. Overtime, your body produces more and more receptors to compensate for all the adrenaline.

    And here is the take away. After you stop using amphets those adrenal receptors stay in your body. So they wind up overtuning your entire fight or flight reaction. Very small triggers, as small as the wind can trigger full blown panic attacks. You wind up with panic disorder, social phobia, and all sorts of disorders related to an overtuned adrenal system.

    But that's not the worst. Here is the worst. The adrenal system is responsible for producing more than 40 of the most important hormones that the body produces. Stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and a bunch of other hormones that control kidney functioning, heart functioning and many other critical processes in the body. So once amphets assault the adrenal system, you wind up widespread systemic problems such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, hypertension, high levels of stress, heart disease, kidney disease, etc and you're something like 20xs more likely to suffer from a heart attack or kidney failure. You are also like 5xs more likely to develop diabetes (don't quote me on this but I know it's around those figures). Like in my case, I only used amphets for 2 1/2 years. Been off them 15 years. But I've had drug resistant stage 2 hypertension for years. Doesn't matter what medicines doctors give me my blood pressure is always in stage 2 hypertension. It started when I was 23, not I'm 32 so I've been living with this for 9 years. And I will very likely die in my 50-60s from a heart attack or stroke... regardless of how much I exercise, how healthy I eat or what medicines I take to "control" it.

    I can write a book about what amphets do to your body. There is also the build up of ammonia in your blood stream. Your piss smells foul and you start pissing out toxic amines. If you test your urine after a year on addies there's a very good chance your piss will be loaded with protein since your kidneys can't break proteins down the way they use to. The very early stages of kidney failure and heart failure can start within a matter of 1-2 years. That's how toxic these compounds are.

    And I didn't even touch on things like blood vessels, nerves, vision, teeth, etc. You ever see how a recovering meth addict can't stop twitching like they have parkisons? That's from permanent damage to nerves and blood vessels. But usually most people start noticing problems with their vision or teeth before that happens.

    It's also important to distinguish, there IS a difference between taking 50-100mg of methamphetamine and 50-100mg of adderall. The d isomer of meth can hit your brain in less than 2 minutes taken orally and in less than 15 seconds intranasally. The rush is much stronger. The euphoria, the high, etc. But a similar dose of adderall doesn't feel that different. You don't get a mind bending rush and euphoria like meth gives you, but you DO get a rush. You get that warm, stimulated, happy, god like feeling. Everytime you breathe you can feel the dopamine and adrenaline flowing through your body in these warm, tingly waves.

    On a lower dose of adderall, you just get a small taste of that feeling. You might not even feel high or like the drug is doing anything bad for the first few months. But you're gonna have to raise your dose eventually, and soon enough the drug is gonna start taking the same exact toll that meth takes on a meth addicts body.

    I'm a very open person when it comes to drugs, but there's nobody in this planet who can convince me that adderall is not a neurotoxin. It would be like if cyanide salts got people high. Then we started prescribing them to kids and teenagers. That would be quite a fucked up world no? Well, that's basically the world we live in today. Amphets don't cause immediate death like cyanide salts do. They cause a slow, internal, rotting of your entire central nervous system, brain, and virtually every organ in your body. They are like a very slow acting version of cyanide that just happen to make people feel good for the first few months.

    If you need something that helps you pay attention, and are considering amphetamine salts, you'd honestly be better off just taking opiates.

    At least opiates don't cause permanent brain damage. And sure, they're hard as fuck to get off of. But a low dose of suboxone, just .10mg will help a person focus much better than addies ever will. Problem is, once you're on a drug like that you won't want to get off. And you risk being addicted for life. Plus the laws on suboxone require you to be an opiate addict (which can easily be faked by pissing positive for opiates with poppy seeds). It still is a miracle drug though. Depression, anxiety, stress, pain, lack of motivation, lack of focus, apathy, etc. It will fix all of that shit in a heartbeat. And the best part about it is that it's stronger at lower doses due to it's atypical binding affinity (it blocks itself at higher doses). It's just very very difficult to get off of.

    So you may want to consider natural ethnobotanicals like kanna, or very low doses of kratom. You can also mix 3000mg of l-tyrosine with 1000-mg of l-taurine and 150mg of vitamin b-6. That will give you a very clean, natural form of energy and focus. Mix in some caffeine it'll potentate the synergistic effect and the taurine will stop any shaking / nervousness from the caffeine. You'll get a wave of natural, beta endorphins flowing into your blood stream (natural opiates). There is also a supplement called "psychotropin". It's an old formula you can buy online but it's crazy effective for a lot of things. I remember taking that shit years ago at work (ordered it online) and I felt like I was high as a kite. Psychotropin really is some crazy shit. The only downside is you develop a tolerance very quickly. But I think that's a good thing cause you can just not take it on the days you don't need it.

    Then finally there is exercise. I do that on top of suboxone which is the reason I can write long ass articles like this all day long. :p


    edit: Just did some research and realized you can no longer buy Psychotropin. It was either banned by the FDA for being too effective or the manufacturers weren't making a lot of money from it. I know the base ingredients were very expensive so the profit margins had to be small. And although phenibut was one of the main ingredients I should note that the overall formula feels nothing like phenibut. Phenibut makes me sloppy and tired but psychotropin was a very well balanced cocktail. It felt like a low dose of valium, mdma and oxycodone. Completely relaxed you but also gave you energy and a crystal clear state of mind. I would honestly just buy all the ingredients separately off ebay and mix them together.
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