does anyone know if i can include images from google in my youtube videos?


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Dec 27, 2015
i want to start making money through youtube but i want to do it completely legit following all of youtube's terms..

i want to make videos that include images from googles images.. does anyone know if this is allowed? if not is there an alternative?

also what can i upload to youtube? like can i not take anything of the internet due to copyright issues? this is confusing....
Well, i just bought images from fotolia, with few of bucks.
And use it to all of my videos all seems ok till now.
Based on your case, as long the image that you use is un-famous type of image, there's nothing to worry about.
You can just use the filter that Google offers. When you search for some image go to Search Tools>Usage rights>Labeled for reuse and you use the pictures that you find that way and you will be all clear :D
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