does anyone know good system for huge site?

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    I got an idea for big site and I need advice;
    two things I need:

    I want that every user that will be in the site will get page that he can control and manage
    any one know some system for that?

    the main concept in my idea is to give to someone information and for that I want to know he's age and where's he from so I want system that will display to him in the first stage how years old he is than will get him to the next "stage" that will display him cities and he will chose the city and the system will take from the sql the info he needs ...

    hope u understand me cuz my english is poor..
    thanks in advance!!
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    I think wordpress can do that - there are third party plugins/software for it.
    in fact, somewhere on BHW there is a thread of a guy that is doing exactly that, and he has explained how he done it and so on.

    Search for it, because I cant find it right now.
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