Does anyone know about the "FN" key?

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    This is driving me nuts, last week my "fn" stopped working.
    I can use the "fn" + f5/f6/f7 functions, which increase/decrease/resets my screen brightness, but none of the others work.

    1)I have installed every single driver related to my system, tried to update them, and none helped.
    2)If I change my default driver to be compatible with winxp service pac 3, some of the functions try to work,
    a)"fn" + "f2" will then toggle wifi on/off, but upon system restart, wifi is always off then, using the function does display its on/off but wifi isn't actually being affected, I have to manually reset wifi, then the "FN" does actually preform correctly.
    b)"fn" + f10 does display mute on/off but does not actually work, it mutes the wrong volume mixer, which does nothing.
    c) "fn" + f1 does actually put my system to sleep sometimes, other times my system just freezes and I have to force power down.
    d) "fn" + "v" brings up "lifeframe is only comparable with vista/win7" error box, I assume it is trying to open lifeframe.
    no other functions do anything.

    What is odd, is I have completely uninstalled both drivers for the "fn" function yet the screen brightness ones still work and are the only ones that do work, I am wondering how they can function if the drivers for them are uninstalled.

    Any ideas I have not tried?

    recap, I have already tried every single driver for my system (asus) win7 service pack1 including all drivers for Asus systems.
    and this is a laptop Asus model U50F win7 64bit home premium addition
    The ones for my system are

    Thanks In advanced for your help
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    how about a system restore for last week when it still worked?
    or if it's really bothering you, reinstall the OS if you have backup, oftentimes it's worth it rather then spending countless hours trying to figure out a solution, especially if you don't find one

    other than that for better results you should try a tech forum which deals with asus laptops, even better with the exact type of laptop you have

    it seems to be a specific problem, but maybe somebody can help here too
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    Sadly, I have already googled it and have tried everything possible other then a system restore, which isn't an option for me.
    Not really worth all that for some shortcuts :p

    I just posted here incase someone else had something new to add.

    all the options that did work for other people in "tech forums" wont work for me.
    Infact, I never did find a thread that reinstalling the driver didn't fix their issue.
    Even the "set compatibility mode to winxp SP3" worked for some too.

    I have done the other options built into this system upon bringing up system restore
    forget the actual names, but its related to driver error checking/management/system memory check.
    None found any errors.

    oh well it was worth a shot to ask here