Does Anyone Here Use PBN Services From BST For Tier 2?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bigballin6161, Dec 3, 2015.

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    Has anyone here used PBN services from the BST for tier 2? Im not talking about the ones that are 1000 posts for like $50. Im talking about some of the other ones that are more expensive better quality ones. How much of the juice do you think would make it to the money site through a buffer site?
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    Probably a decent amount of link juice.


    Only 1 way to really find out though, try it out and document everything.

    You could even share it here!
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    I've bought from probably 2/3 of the sellers here, and most (not all) of the high end PBNs I've bought from work reasonably well and stay indexed (and hosted) for 6+ months.

    Since link juice is a generic referential term I'll just assume you are wanting to know if Public PBNs can be effective as T2. And the short answer is absolutely yes, they CAN be. But that also depends their content quality, and your anchor/linking strategy.

    Talk to the sellers, ask about content, and try it. Thats the only way to ever really find out.
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