Does anybody know how this guy embedded clickable link to his site on the YouTubevideo?


Sep 18, 2009
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I see that this video got embedded clickable link direct to his site on the video.
The link appeared at the end of video located at the left bottom corner.
Please play it at the youtube site. You'll observed the link at the end of video.
This is not the annotation features on the youtube.

Does anybody here know how he done it?

Here the video:
Its only redirecting to another youtube video ..
i saw iti on a pro channel so figured was something youtube did for pay near the end of movie red clickable bar pops up.

come to think of if you could always link to a youtube page, just not outside link.
I believe you can add a link like that through camtasia directly. Look through it, they have a video tutorial on it.
You can add a link through flash overlays, there are several programs out there online - but I think you need there host for it to work. So far no one has really exploited this for the IM scene but I'm sure it is coming.

Thanks "theprofitpro" have just used this as great for web 2.0 stuff and my blogs
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no need for extra stuff
only link to another youtube page tho
Its only redirecting to another youtube video ..

Thanks for viewing the video.

Please view this video on youtube website. You'll see the clickable link.
The one you are saying redirecting to another internal youtube videos he is you using annotation features. That one I know.

You will notice that at the end of video (bottom lefet), there is a clickable link which when you click it, it will go to external site (which is his site). This I never seen before. It seems that he's using new features which allowed the user to go direct the external site from the youtube.

I saw, this is very huge potential if we can exploit this.

I'm mot sure but this might be what you are looking for.

Linkedtube is a great tool but it only allowed to embed the clickable link on the video at the external site, not on the youtube site.

I still can't get the answer how this guy embed the clickable link to external site (his site) on the video.

Anybody here got the answer?
I Googled it and this is what I found:
You can do it (YT allows it) provided you're a non-profit organization in US or UK. Then there is another mention on tech*crunch (you can do it if you are an advertiser or YT). The above case -- the video above -- could fit in this second category.

These are the first links I saw, and so you can refer to Google to find better and authoritative sites' views on the topic:

The links are here:
"You can only place these customized overlays on a video that 
you've entered into YouTube's CPC [URL=""]Promoted Videos[/URL] program. 
You don't have to pay anything extra for the Call-To-Action overlay, 
but you do have to be a paying YouTube advertiser."

Also see this:
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I know I saw this mentioned somewhere in the last day or so, but can't recall where. My best guess is in either the shoe*makermoney system videos, or a Jeff John*son video (been busy).

Specifically I remember that it talked about embedding a link right into any video that could work as you described. Sorry can't be more helpful but you should keep looking.
Hi guys,

Here another video I found which have interactive clickable link on the video to external site.
How he done it?
Anybody know how to do it?
This is totally great!
that is annotation

Not. This is not annotation features. Annotation does only allowed linkage between internal pages of youtube site.

Try click at "See more Austin Apartments" button it will open new window to his site.
This is something new for me.
Anybody have ideas to to create similar like this?
Are you fuc** dumb, check out the video first. Of course it is not a annotation.

But this looks VERY interesting. It would be great if one day it will be avaible for a lot of people or even for every one.

YouTube would then turn to a very great money maker again.

But I think, that you can get external links and such just when you pay for it,or if you are a special partner. At least, it is currently so.

LinkedTube lets you create links from your YouTubeTM videos.

Create video product listings, advertisements and more... link to anywhere including PayPal, Skype or even the iTunes store.

More Details...

LinkedTube is a Flash widget that adds link and sharing options to YouTube videos. With this you can transform any YouTube video into a useful viral promotion tool. Unlike standard YouTube players it links directly back to your URL, for example you can create video product listings linking direct to your shopping cart, music video links to the iTunes store or just link back to your website or blog. Plus, when others share your video they all link back to your own URL.

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that is pretty neat, but if im not mistaken you must embbed the video from the video on your own web. The video shown above is directly play on/from youtube. anyway this is really awesome to add to our youtube marketing strategy, just have to find real way to do this... Big Big Thanks
As a side note: Some people should learn to fucking read (and think?) instead of filling this forum with worthless crap comments like 'dats juz annotationz'.

This is extremely interesting. If anyone finds a way to add direct links to Youtube videos withouth a) having to embed them like with Linktube or b) having to be a non-profit organization or a Youtube partner, that'd be sick. But I doubt it's even possible, unless Youtube or other video sharing sites permit linking to external sites using annotations or using additional flash overlays.

The flash overlays for embedded videos aren't new at all, they're still an excellent way to get the most out of video marketing, though.
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