does a theme really make a difference?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by glasshalffull, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I'm using alot of video for my blog, about 80% and am looking at elegant themes evid theme but am concerned that it won't work well when/if I add text posts.

    There are so many themes out there and they all seem to fit different needs but am I overthinking things too much? When it all boils down to it, if you have an audience coming to your blog, I know that getting the content up there is the first thing to worry about, but will a theme make a dramatic difference in making it easy for viewers if the original theme that you use is simple and straightforward?

    I ask this because I see alot of the "gurus" using simple themes without all the bells and whistles. I just don't want to waste alot of time trying to find the perfect theme if the positive effects of it are minimal.

    your thoughts are apprciated....thanks
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    It is possible for you to overthink it. This can actually stop you from taking action. Take the following example.

    Say your site is going to make money with CPA offers and can at MAX make $100/day. That's $1400 in the next 2 weeks. If you use a theme that cuts down on your conversions by 30% (a lot; this would be a terrible theme), you're still making $70/day. That's $980 in the next 2 weeks & you've lost $420. But, if you goof around trying to find the "perfect theme" for 2 weeks instead of getting the site going, you make $0/day. That's $0 in the next 2 weeks for a loss of $1400. Make sense?

    Get the site up and going. You can always tweak the theme later, but you can't make money with no site.
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    true, however you can't use a junk theme. It has to look legit to get return visits and also to make people trust your site, ETHOS!!! Its key when you are trying to sell something...