Does a new EMD gain beneficial juice(EMD juice) if it is just a 301 redirect from old site

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    Jul 19, 2013
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    I want to do a 301 redirect from an old domain to a new domain that is an exact match domain. I am doing this because I believe it will gain some juice--I know this is a debatable point, but I did some testing of the competition for my search terms and found overwhelmingly that it would help based on sites with very poor backlinks and search optimization ranking high for no apparent reason other than an EMD. So for the purpose of this thread let's assume that this is the case.

    But will a new exact match domain even gain that beneficial juice (just for the purpose of emd juice and not backlink juice)from a 301 redirect to the new site, or should the whole site just be moved to the new domain, and just forward the old domain traffic to the new domain for type in traffic. But if I do it that second way, don't I lose link juice from the old sites backlinks. Or will I keep that link juice? I'm kind of in a quandary as to how to do it. The key is does google really give an EMD juice if the site is coming from a 301 redirect? I can't find the answer to this anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know?