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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by josh3101367, Apr 4, 2010.

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    i'm running a mystery shopper website and it generates paid leads on a daily basis..for those who don't know what a mystery shopper website is; it is a site that recruit people to signup to trial offers for a certain amount of money so i'm working with incentivized offers only.....only legit, completed leads will be delivered as stated..i'm only working with trusted buyers here in bhw that pay daily as following:

    -the system goes like: i get a list from you of the offers you want to promote "a list of say 20 offers", i get shoppers to complete the offers..i get paid a certain amount of money for each lead..all shoppers are US people with valid cc's and genuine information, ip's ..etc

    -offer payout must be at least $20+

    -i will work with all offer niches except: adult, dating, gambling, insurance, loans, mortgage.

    -only accepting daily payments on alertpay after you verify the leads..not accepting paypal right now so consider this.

    -i'm only working with incentivized offers as i'm paying people to complete the offers and that's to keep the advertisers happy and to protect your cpa account.

    pm me or post here if you're interested
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    LOL ya right
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