do you vary your ip's for manual backlinking?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by flc735, Mar 12, 2012.

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    "ip" is too short to search for on here :(
    when i say manual, i mean hand searching for those high pr blogs, web2.0, submitting spun articles ect...

    i havn't seen anything on bhw about varying your ip when you are creating your own backlinks manually but am starting to see it quite often in the ebooks i have been reading from here. for example, i just got done reading from this ebook (long but good)
    and it explains how google checks each backlinks ip and factors that in. many backlinks from the same ip will have diminishing value.
    but when they get to their "backlinking action plan", they dont mention anything about it. i see similar cases within the other books i have read recently.

    so i ask you manual backlinkers, do you guys bother with this?

    sub questions:
    is the benefit worth the price of buying proxies for the sole purpose of varying your ip?
    are scraped public proxies good enough to do this?
    would using hidemyass be good enough?

    if there is already a thread on this, apologies from me and would appreciate it if you could point me in that direction
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    I think you have misunderstood what they meant by varying the IP. It's not the IP that the backlink was created from (your IP) it is the IP that the server has that the website is hosted at that they are talking about. So in short, you do not need any proxies to vary the IP that they are talking about.
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    i don't use my ip while creating backlinks because i didn't know if google know who post what and where