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Do you use Google services for your blackhat SEO uses?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Regileo, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Regileo

    Regileo Registered Member

    Jan 3, 2017
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    I was wondering what you guys thinks/feels about using Google search, Chrome browser, Gmail, Google Drive and the rest of Google services for your BlackHat SEO work.

    I'm not sure how much Google tracks (and cares) about our activity.
    For example, do you feel ok with searching in Google (or with Chrome) questions and services related to blackhat SEO when you're logged in to your personal gmail that may be associated in one way or another to your moneysites ?

    I'm a very paranoid person in general, and since I start dealing with SEO, I moved to Firefox, Duckduckgo, and only sign in to my gmail account from a different browser using proxy, and I must say it makes my internet experience less easy and smooth.

    I would love to hear your opinions :)
  2. MisterF

    MisterF Moderator-In-Training Jr. VIP

    Nov 29, 2009
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    It's like going poaching and driving past the game keeper and sounding your horn & waving to him.

    Why try to hide things from Google, if you're going to use their platform to work on?
    Whitehat stuff is fine, but things you consider blackhat etc, use Firefox and not gmail for anything. Better safe than sorry.