Do you trust overseas sites to payout per click?

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    Sep 23, 2012
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    This site i found just for clicking on a email text link will give you 50 cents per click. And if they signup depending on the program you get 30-50% and they charge $59-$149 for 1 year of whatever plan you choose to make money. They do guarantee 1st month $150 or full refund and the site has been around for awhile with over 300,000 members. Just feel weird with monthly payments via paypal, wire, bank, or check. Do you guys trust sites from india to pay out if you really bang out hits. 500-1000 Craigslist unique clicks a day is what i am getting. SO i should be paid well at the end of 30 days. Just looking for opinions and/or if you've had experience with sites in that country or other Asian ones.