Do you think this idea is good or should I look somewhere else?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gjrb29, Apr 16, 2011.

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    I was thinking about starting an adult site and - or celebrity website. I personally won't host the pictures and/or video but link it back to where it is.

    Does these types of sites do well or no? How does sites like wank and-or starcelebs and similar sites make revenue? I know they place adds and sometimes pop up but about how much does these types of sites actually make?

    I hear people say that the market is worth it any more but obviously it is because people are stillmaking money. Im not saying being a millionarie but people are getting by.

    I was reading a couple of the threads on here and seen people talking about hosting in another country for legal reasons and what not. Would you have to do this if your not hosting the material but redirecting where it can be found?

    Feel free to punch holes, pros and cons and what else advice you have to give. Thanks in advance
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    I would personally stay away from celebs because:

    * you're opening up yourself to all kind of legal attacks and cease and desists, when there are tons of other legal adult niches to get in to instead
    * monetization is poor - there just aren't that many decent celeb paysites out there
    * heaps of the traffic is foreign crap that won't convert
    * a lot of the traffic is just people have a quick curious browse rather than buyer traffic

    If you really want to make money from adult with a decent ROI in 2011 then you have to get into a tight, specific and reasonably obscure niche with fervent buyers - eg. BDSM, pissing, shemales etc.