Do you think my website will pay only with add sense and a make a donation button

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by joberger70, Feb 19, 2009.

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    i want your opinion about it
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    i have made the content all by myself
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    There are lots of affiliate pgorams for selling cell phone the very least you could be throwing Amazon links up there. Adsense isn't going to make you much in this category because the cost per click that people are paying at Adwords isn't very high - so the split you get for Adsense will be very low. Also the whole concept of make a donation is pretty much outdated and useless - very Internet 1998. You have to have die hard fans coming back to your site a lot to even interest anyone in donating. This means extremely innovative, controversial, and useful content that people are going to be a) passionate about b) excited to read and c) making people hungry for more of your information.

    Make a donation buttons today are really only working on alternative type sites like hobby sites or conspiracy sites where you have a rabid group of readers. However, you'll always make more money if you have affiliate links to related products or ebooks.

    I recommend signing up for affiliate programs which will allow you to sell cell phone accessories - and if you have troubles getting into them for some reason at least try to use Amazon's affiliate program. You'll make more than you would with Adsense or make a donation buttons.

    I think the only recent site that is making money with make a donation button is that octuplets mom - she put up a site for donations for her eight new babies. So I guess that's another option. You could have in vitro fertilization, spawn a litter of kids, and then hire a publicist and put up a site asking for donations. :)

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    lol i have a cell phone acessories web site wich i will promote a soon as i have a decent trafic