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Do you think is possible to except this kind of living from IM? and few tech questions

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by methodman90, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. methodman90

    methodman90 BANNED BANNED

    Oct 10, 2013
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    My dream is to achieve a stable 2,500$ monthly from adsense/cpa with one authority site about a big niche which isn't exploited at all as of now and log just one hour per day to keep things going good, while the rest of the day im havin fun.
    I collected about 40 keywords which summed up have togheter a total of 1milion searches entirely from USA and UK.
    Noone of those 40 keywords have any competition (nobody did seo on the pages ranking on 1# page of google) except for 4-5 sites which are sites like the one I want to build (authority ones with inner pages ranking organically with 1-2 bakclinks and the domain with 1 milion backlinks). Except that I wont make 'em rank organically but using services.

    Here come few questions:

    - What kind of SEO should I do for the main domain? and which keywords should I make it rank for, provoided the fact the domain will just be a homepage to visit inner pages and I do not really need it ranking?

    - What kind of SEO should I do for each of the 40 inner pages which I actually want to rank? Provoided there's no competition at all except from inner pages of authority sites which ranked organically with 1 or 2 backlinks and social shares.
    If can be of use I also have all the seo tools and a decent knowledge of GSA but untill now the only thing I menaged to do with SEO is rank a few sites for 1-2months with spam and for 1-3k visitors/m keywords. I don't want to rank those inner pages with spam. I want this site to be the site I live off to so to stay for as much as possible, as if I really menage to rank for all those keywords I'll earn way more than 2,500$ per month.

    - Any of you is really living only with Adsense/CPA income from some of your sites?

    - Can I menage to do that provoided I have 1k$ funds to start and 15 months before I become 18? I know they aren't enough to do all I listed above but I can even rank 1 page by 1 waiting payout if needed.

    - I were thinking of purchase an old high pr domain about my niche with decent backlink portfolio and hire a writer for 40-50 articles of 300-500 words 4$ each (500$) and the other 500$ to rank 1-3 inner pages to start out. What you think? Am I completely wrong about the whole process? Help please.

    SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH (I know it been hard to understand) and so I thank you for reading.
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  2. lucardk

    lucardk Registered Member

    Nov 25, 2013
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    Costa Rica
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    $2500 is easy money with the right keywords and some basic SEO knowledge... There are hundreds of untapped markets where you can make that money in a week.

    But I think your strategy is too generic, you should focus in one industry and find a hole in the market. There are keyword with 10.000 searches per month where there is no competition and the conversion rate is really high. With the right affiliate product and the right keywords you can do it in no time.

    Focus on conversion rate and not amount of searches per month, that is the trick to make money online.
  3. StuartWalker

    StuartWalker Registered Member

    Dec 3, 2013
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    If this is REALLY your 'dream' then you'll surely be willing to work hard on it and not just put 1hr a day into and spend the rest having fun?

    If you spend just 1hr a day on this project chances are it will go nowhere. IM takes time and hard work.

    The idea you just mess around for a few hours a week and sit back and collect the cheque is laughable.

    Work hard or this will be nothing more than a dream. Make it a reality.

    You're going to have to spend more than $4 an article if you want any sort of quality that people are going to read. That's the real low end writer price, will be non native written, and full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

    Plus you're better off getting someone who knows the subject inside out to write about it otherwise you just end up with vague and uninteresting content. Find an enthusiast on a forum or a hobby blogger and work with them.