Do you sell SEO services? Can you give me a small advice please?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by simoneee, May 25, 2013.

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    I'm just about to start offering SEO services, and I was wondering if it's a good idea to try to collaborate with creative/webdesign agencies? Is this a good way to get started? Or will it be "easier" to find clients?

    I was thinking that if I collaborate with web agencies, I will have enough clients that will help me to grow the business. Then hire some sales people to start prospecting.

    Would this be a good way to start?
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    From my point of view, this could be a nice synergy. Personally I do not sell services yet, but me and my friend are going to offer Wordpress development to local businesses and we will probably use some kind of referral cooperation with other agencies here.
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    It can be good, but there are no guarantees either way. You may come across a great firm who sends you tons of business, or someone who sends you nothing. Likewise, you may be great at selling (or at least be willing to keep trying until you become great), or not great.

    Either way, you could end up with loads of business, or nothing. It all depends on factors beyond just one decision or the other.
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    This is a great idea because:

    A) Many local SEO clients have butt ugly websites just asking for Panda to rape their arses. You refer them to webdesign agency and make an arrangement with them (commission or whatever).

    B) Webdesign agencies can sell add-on SEO with every new website and outsource the actual service delivery to you (with a margin or other arrangement).

    It is a mutually beneficial relationship. Win-win.
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    I tried this a while back, got no results at all.

    It seems that many of these people think very highly of themselves and think of you as low level competition.

    Also I found out that almost all of them provide SEO to their clients, even though their definition of SEO is mostly on-page optimization done half-ass!
    So when you contact them they always tell you that they have SEO covered and don't need a stranger doing work on their clients site.

    YMMV, good luck.
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    Location, Location.
    It's not an either/or situation, mate. Especially given that you're just starting out, you will want to have as many irons in the fire as will fit. Diversification of your marketing strategy will also come in handy since most organisations with whom you'll actually make a fair bit of money will reject your collaborate advances lest you can produce a significant portfolio of pre-existing successes.

    Shooting for the smallest agencies is your best bet, initially. You may even try people who are, themselves, just starting out in services that compliment your own so as to grow and network collaboratively. Again though, and to emphasize, you should be looking for clients any way you think you can find them.