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    Seeking affliliates for a new, inexpensive group of products with 75% commission via clickbank.

    Affiliates will get to review 5 awesome products will be sold
    individually for $7 or as a group for $25 ( saves $10 )

    # 3 How to ENSURE a female will end up in your room at the end of the night.

    # 5 How to get HER to ASK FOR a massage and take her clothes of willingly.

    Affiliate must have either a site with 100 + hits per day or
    a site over 6 months old with double opt-in email list with 300+ contacts.

    Reply via DOMAIN EMAIL ONLY to verify that you are the admin of the site you reference, or, if your site is a FREE site/blog with no domain email, post a notice "Coming Soon - 5 new products!"

    Reply with your wesbite link prior to Friday, February 27th, 2009 to
    [email protected]

    Use " BHW AFFILIATE " as the subject.

    You will never be asked what your BHW username is.