Do you recommend ordering articles & ranking a website only using fiverr?

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    Hey there,

    so I'm a programmer and I know how to build websites, etc. What I don't know nothing about is SEO. I only know the very basics about what SEO is, whitehat, etc. I also don't have the interest of writing articles, since I find it boring.

    The other day I found a way of getting services from fiverr without paying a penny so I thought in giving it a shot and ordering some articles and then ranking my website only with fiverr. Since I already have an adsense account (never done nothing wrong with it, only received one payment till now so it is in good standing), why not?

    I'm worried of getting articles that are copied or using SEO tactics that damage my website instead of doing good.

    What do you recommend me to do? I could also sell those articles/seo/other services for a higher price but I don't have any idea on which way to go.
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