Do you really need to be Honest IM?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Mc Bruce Lee, May 14, 2013.

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    Hi I am just a new starter to this internetmarketing stuff, i hear people saying stuff like if you want to make money then you have to offer something to people, ofcourse I have advice that I can offer to other people but I don't see how it makes a money for me. may be though adsense and that is only if they actually clcik on the ads, So i tried to sell some dating programe from click bank, I wrote article about it and design it little bit through wordpress, and I try to publish it through facebook ads but facebook doesn't accept my ads so That kind a made me think deeper are all those honesty stuff, even though the article I wrote about the click bank seems convincing but its stil just trying to sell something, and full of lies, I am not really offering them anything special. but lets say that I offer them some good advice on dating, then how can I sell something because everything I write about dating will be about not buying the product. I am little confuse thats all,
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    People love to buy.... but they hate being sold to
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    Yes, you need. It's a must to be honest.

    If you are not honest in business then you are not a businessman, you are a scammer or a con-artist or something along these.
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    I think that in this business, being honest isnt as important as being trusted. If someone trusts you, it doesnt matter if you lie to them because they will believe you anyway. Now depending on your market, you might not have to be honest. In others, you might. It really just depends. If your running a blog that deals directly with people, honesty is the best policy. Ive sold tons of ebooks through internet marketing with complete garbage in it because I made a great sales page. The content was garbage, but the sales page promoted trust in me. Trust is everything in this business. If people dont trust you, they will never buy from you. But if you build that trust, or can convey it the first time they see your page, then you can sell anything to them. If you can get someone to trust you right from the start, even better. So in short, honesty is not as important as trust. If they trust you, then you lie to them and they dont catch you, they will still trust you. The information can be complete trash and they will still buy if they trust you. Its very simple. Just figure out how to get people to trust you, and your good.

    One thing you can do to build that trust is to not be a sales person. Be a normal human being. Be just a normal dude who talks to people at a normal human level. People react better if you just talk to them like humans. Every time I negotiate a contract with someone for anything, I always approach them as a normal person. Being a sales person gets you nowhere. It puts people on the defensive and makes them have to think more. If people are relaxed and they know that you know what you are talking about, then your good. Its all about comfort. They need to be comfortable.

    Hope this helps.
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    Perfectly Right men.

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    Do you really need to be Honest IM? Do you want to sleep well? Check definition of honest. I plan to post very long thread soon for starters like you.

    Try to start with niche research. Learn basics SEO, conversion etc. Search the forum, check this thread as well.

    I don't know about you but I am happy to enjoy my 3 weeks long holiday on the beach every September. I enjoy it because I know I did my best and have happy clients. It works for me.