Do You Really Know How To Sell ?

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    In my business all that matters are RESULTS
    You Can Google Me If You Like


    You just want some realness from time to time . I see a lot of bull
    being passed of as selling. Her's a example of selling.

    This is not fluff or hype . I sell Corvettes . 60k - 120k DAILY ...
    Google Me ( Rick Daniel ) the "Corvette King" a.k.a. the "CarMan" .
    Like I said Google Me .I own it .... I visit a lot of forums in my
    quest for internet Dominance and what amazes me is the amount of crap
    floating around as selling .A course online or a high gravity Clickbank
    offer does not make you a salesman . I have sold many things in my
    sales career. Furniture, homes ,MLM products, and for the majority of
    my sales career CARS. As a career salesman continuous training is an
    absolute must to take a person from "just looking " to burning gas the
    same day . Not to put down any other type of salesman or marketing
    " guru " but I would like to see them close a deal on a $120k in 1 day.
    AS I stated earlier ,I also sold homes before I sold cars .One of my
    favorite arguements with a Realtor friend of mine is that he really
    believes he's a Salesman .In my humble opinion selling homes doesn't
    require any real selling ability . A family wants a home in a certain
    area, you offer homes and when they finally decide on a home you help
    close the deal. Actually , you only show the house ,the Loan Officer
    and Mortgage company close the deal. You get your 6% commission
    (hopefully) after close if there are no delays such as appraisal
    issues,inspection delays,title delays,loss of interest in original
    house ,loss of bid for lack of a Good Faith Offer.So in my opinion that
    is an Order Taker,not a Salesman .

    This is How A Real Salesman Gets A Deal Done

    No customer leaves unless a manager speaks to them . Mangers monitor
    every move . It's so competitive SO yoU can't let a customer leave
    without buying . By any means .

    TRUE LIFE STORY : this is just another deal like any other. Happened September 2008 .Customer walks into the dealership and wants a brochure for the Impala SS on his way to get a part department. I say let me put a number on your trade so you have an idea of what is't worth .In my mind it has to be a problem of some sort (part) .

    I get his car appraised and toss the keys on the roof of the
    dealership . Crazy huh ?? Now he can't leave ."The porter lost them
    when I sent him to wash your car for you .I'm really sorry . I will
    search for them ,but in the meantime why don't you take this "new" SS
    out to lunch and do whatever errands you need to and I will call you
    when he finds them . The point was to get them driving "our" car and
    away from theirs .

    It's a nice sunny day and this has ice cold A.C. and that fresh new
    car smell . I can't find them at all today (we were really swamped) .
    You go ahead and I will look for them . I need a credit report to let
    you take the car out because it is $38k for security sake . Tell you
    what ,let me fill it up for you and you just keep it until tomorrow
    and I will call you when I can get my buddy to cut a key in the Parts
    Dept . Works great on Thursday or Friday . Keep it for the weekend .

    The customer has to go to work the next day in his "new "SS . His
    friends and co-workers are complimenting his taste in the new ride .
    Because it isn't their car 9 times out of 10 they will drive it MORE
    than they drive their own car . Now the kids LOVE IT . It's so cool .
    Same as a rental . You drive it , it's a rental !!! You don't trash
    this though because it's new and friends , family, and even "YOU"
    start to take mental ownership .You still have to drive it to work
    Monday .

    We aren't open that early and who takes off work to drop a car off .
    At work your buddies ask how was it, you even take a couple out to
    lunch for a spin . They love it and you even seem a little cooler in
    it . Dealerships are open late on Monday night so I will see him then .
    I do this everyday like a boxer planning a fight so I know how it will
    play out before he even walks in the door . He get there and make a
    feeble attempt at getting his keys back . I tell him the porter is
    washing it , he'll be right up . I told the porter before he got
    there to put it in the used car inventory out back and to take the car
    he bring back "Immediately" to prep for a spot delivery . Then bring
    the contracts down for me from the office. I had them typed earlier
    because while he was enjoying his weekend I was getting him financed
    through a bank . (credit report for the test drive, remember ) Fill
    the tank and bring it backup front . I know they left their stuff
    inside . I did it on purpose . The porter brings it back up sparkling
    (I pay him out of my pocket for extras ) .

    In the meantime let's talk about the car. Did you like it ? Where's my
    Recruit ??? Before he could answer me the wife and kids start singing
    praise to the car . The kids think it's cool ,wife likes that fact
    that her family and friends are jealous of her new car . You are now
    officially the "worse piece of Scum on the face of the earth" .You cheap selfish bastard , thanks' recruit..........

    You don't know it but you have "NO opinion" in the buying of this
    automobile . The decision has been made . The only thing left is the
    paperwork . Now I didn't got through all this to make $100 . It has
    to be worth my while . The porter brings the paperwork down as he and
    his wife bicker back and forth . I look at the payment and mentally
    prepare for your reaction .

    I have to make at least $1k my way in a deal like this for the time
    it took to plant the seed and watch it grow over the weekend. I hit
    him with a payment that I know will curl his toes .I call it "sticking
    him to the ceiling" . Truth is he can get this car for a bare bones
    $300 a month payment . I make $100 flat. He mentions $400 is his limit.
    Selling the car for $ 400 a month will pay me $250 . No thanks .

    I stick him to the ceiling with a $ 750 a month payment for 5 years .
    Now comes the fun part . He "HAS" to take this car . He doesn't know
    it . I re-examine the numbers right in front of him . I say I can get
    him down to $675 if I stretch it out a year to 72 months. It is still
    too high . I know.. He says he can maybe go to $450 a month . He JUST
    BUMPED HIMSELF $50 a month and committed to the sale but it's still
    too high . Most people have no clue how to figure a car payment and
    the intricate details involved in points of interest.

    That is why dealers have Finance Managers that specialize in only the
    financing portion of the deal,no selling of the car . By now their old
    car is up front . I thought he washed it ??? It's been sitting in the
    sun all weekend it stinks, is hot ,dirty . Dad has worked all day
    so he's tired . While they are getting their things and the kids are
    now crying and the wife is not talking to him but he knows he's in
    trouble and probably won't be getting any for a long time . At this
    point it's time for me to Save him . I make sure I get him alone now
    so we can look at the numbers one last time . I can do $400 a month
    and make $250 and be done but why ???

    I was taught to sell the old way. We had a saying in our store that
    takes you back to the movie "Used Cars" . "It is my job as a salesman
    to "Sell" you a car for as much as I possibly can . Profit is not a
    bad thing. As a customer , it is your job to "Buy" a car for as low
    as you possibly can. It is not my fault if I do my job better than you
    do yours. BLACKHATTERS WILL LIKE THAT.............
    " Some people may not like some of my tactics but they get the job
    done. It's a war inside . I do my own finanacing so no need for anyone
    else to close my deals

    This family guy has been a good sport and I feel sorry for him so I
    will save him . I tell him I can pull a favor from the guy at the bank
    and get a point taken off his interest and can do it NOW for $600 a
    month NOW ...not tomorrow or later but.. NOW, and I will get you a
    voucher for a free sunroof (maybe) NOT... All we have to do is sign a few papers and and can go be the hero . DONE ...I stand back and let you stick your chest out . You got me down a whole $150 a month a got me to throw in a sunroof . Maybe (very important) depending on referrals,no
    refferals ,no sunroof. I'm a pimp too .

    You are the man ,you won, what a stud........... You sure showed that
    salesman but we need to thank Rick because he really pulled some
    stings to get this deal to work .She even hugs me. I'm part of the
    family .I swear . Not only was he gladly bumped $200 more a month
    than he wanted to pay($200a month =2k - my part40%= $800 + $250 =$1150 ) I tell him I will probably get into trouble for this so I need him
    to give me the names and numbers of at least 5 referrals and that he
    and his wife will personally vouch for me that I am the only person
    they should ever buy a car from .

    The next day I have him and his buddy in front of me playing it out
    again . This situation is even easier . It's your friend so I have to
    give him the same "deal" I gave you. It's only fair. NO argument from
    either party Why ? I have become part of their relationship and him
    buying a car from me now is a testament of their friendship as well as
    his competence. The friend can't accuse me of trying to over charge
    because that is questioning "their" friendship . Is his friend a
    dummy for buying his car last night ? No ... and he can't pay less than my customer ( whore) who brought him here in the first place.

    So I benefit from their relationship and there goes another cool
    $1050 and I still had 4 more referrals plus a new whore . Even
    if you just want a brochure or part, directions . Service works great . My car is acting up , I pay the service advisor to have the tech jack something up and it will cost you 3k to have it fixed, howeeeeeeever We have a really good salesman that can get you a decent amount for trade(syke) on a new one . let me introduce you to him, his name is RICK JAMES BITCH..... No really Rick Daniel but thought it fit that line better.

    If you walked through our doors you "Want" a car . You may not know it, but l have had so many people comment (while driving out in a new car) that they were just here for an oil change or a part and somehow got talked into spending $40k right now . Not Today ,not tomorrow but NOW. Today ends at midnight and we close at 9pm . Internet Marketing ? Ever sold 100k Vette online ? Hope you got a laugh out of this but more importantly A LESSON . GOOGLE ME (Corvette King)

    #1 on Google 34 Million Strong
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    Heh that was very well written, sinister... but still a very good read :D Reminded me of the malcolm in the middle episode "smunday".
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    Boxing Coach/Self Defense Instructor ,Clickbank,
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    thanks, happens everyday . I have a million stories that put that car dealership in Arizona to shame. There are so many dealerships and competition you have to make them buy NOW. Commission Only is the only way to go. They are looking for a car ,if not from you , then it'll be from the next "real" salesman. There are no "be backs" .