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do you really have anonymity on paypal when buying and selling bitcoins the following way?

Discussion in 'CryptoCurrency' started by big black snake, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. big black snake

    big black snake Newbie

    Mar 11, 2014
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    i just wanted to ask do you really have anonymity when you buy bitcoins using paypal and then have the funds loaded onto an account on localbitcoins.com then when you go to sell the bitcoins you have the money wired to your bank account?

    i would think having a wire transfer to your bank account would give you away right there. also the guy that sold you bitcoins would have a trail to him right from you where he could roll on you in seconds if he had to then it goes to the bitcoin site and then to the guy that wired money right to your bank account.

    what percentage in fees do you normally give up when going from paypal to bitcoin selling bitcoin to bank wire transfer do you give up 10%-20% in fees on average?

    is localbitcoins.com a site that originates and is headquartered in the United States?

    also i have a question the people that mail cash for bitcoins exchanges do they strictly only mail packages within the United States or will they mail World Wide?

    im also wanting to know when having multiple localbitcoin accounts from having multiple paypal accounts wont localbitcoins ban you when they see your wanting bank wire transfers to the same name on different bank accounts? or cash mailed in a package shipped to the same address given on other accounts stated in the past?

    cant they see all that arrangement information on there site when you communacate by messages or is there another way to talk to people on localbitcoins.com ?
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  2. monkete

    monkete Newbie

    Jan 30, 2014
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    Has anybody tried this? Reliable? Thanks a lot!
  3. SEO1337

    SEO1337 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Sep 16, 2012
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    I've sold bitcoin for hard cash, that's the only way you're anonymous really.
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  4. ktothating

    ktothating Newbie

    Feb 15, 2014
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    some people that sell bitcoins give out there email on there page you can contact them that way without anyone else seeing the conversation. some may have pgp aswell
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  5. backstreet boys

    backstreet boys Newbie

    Nov 24, 2014
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    this is just the information i was looking for thanks so much i do have some questions tho im so far a complete newb when it comes to localbitcoins.com and bitcoins in general.

    1) my first question is i see on localbitcoins.com there are limits determined by the seller to how much $ you can do in 1 transaction for instance $25-$100. lets say i want to buy $2,000 dollars worth of bitcoins can i do 20 transaction at $100 a pop with 1 seller in the same day? or is that not allowed on the site? or almost no seller will do that much in 1 day with 1 seller for reasons i dont know about?

    are you forced to add a paypal account to your localbitcoins.com account? and are you forced to add a bank account to your localbitcoins.com account aswell?

    3) what happens if localbitcoins.com catches you with multple accounts? do they ban all of your accounts and take your bitcoins away from you?

    how can i protect my self against getting scammed out of bitcoins on that site from someone? i know to examine there feedback with a fine tooth comb but if i do get scammed is there any insurance or any kind of reimbursement?

    5) can you use vpns, vps, or proxies on localbitcoins.com
  6. IronBull

    IronBull Newbie

    Feb 6, 2016
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    Home Page:
    Localbitcoins is good source for getting digital currency. You'll pay a premium, but it complicates forensics attempts to trace the currency back to you. The method is to buy the bitcoin in person. Think of it like Craigslist buy. You meet a buyer in a neutral location, like a local coffee shop. You bring cash. The buyer transfers the agreed upon amount of bitcoin to a wallet you control. You give him the cash after the transfer is confirmed. You finish your coffee. Transaction complete. Your bitcoin wallent now has digital currency. The transfer of coin from the seller to your wallet is now on the blockchain. You tumble the coins from your hot wallet to the wallet you will use for a purchase. This gives bitcoin the liquidity and anonymity of paying cash. The max limit describes how much bitcoin the buyer keeps on hand to sell for cash. The min limit specifies the smallest amount the buyer is willing to sell. Note: You don't need an account to use the in-person trade feature. Note: The state of New York made this practice illegal. Drive across the bridge to Jersey if you want to transact without leaving a digital trail.