Do you post youtube videos related to music or sports?

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    I am posting this ad to explore a new avenue. I know many people already have great RingTone and other ads related to music. What I have noticed is a lot of people dont promote ticket affiliates cause of reseller restrictions on promoting. I have a ticket business (top 25) and am looking for some good youtube marketers that want to consider a customized affiliate program for you just as an easy add to your current channels in the description. I would be paying a very fair commission and I feel if done in conjunction with my knowledge of the business and popular events etc we can help each other. I see a lot of stuff coming before others from inside industry stuff and has given me good opportunity to prepare for this in the past. Let me know what you have going for you and maybe we can speak more of it. Like I said this is a from scratch idea but I see the value here and want to find the best of the best in this area so I did the logical.. came to BHW

    Thank you and happy holidays to those of you that celebrate Easter!