do you make sitemap when you have tons of redirections ?

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    Aug 12, 2008
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    Hi to all,

    Just want to know please exemple you have 2,000 redirections so you make a sitemap to index all ?

    Impossible with this number to make an rss for each one look th etime you lose ???

    But i do not understand what's the best to make some redirections who auto submit every day or use only rss submit every day? (imagine the time you lose making redirection, an other page to make an rss "good" and at the end submit your rss link????) and i do not speak about backlinks you are at 00000

    Is there anyone get infos on it (the best to be seen as quick as you can)

    I try to put all mimes redirections links in a newsgroup who make in auto system sitemap not really good results?

    so what's the best please
    thanks a lot
    enjoy your day
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