Do you like Movies? Do you like free android apps? Check this out ;)

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    Hey there,

    Me and some mates made an app for college, the class is long over, but since we're very proud of it, and it's free, we might aswell share it with people who will enjoy it :)

    You can take a look here

    A little info:
    Uses the Imdb and Rotten Tomatoes API to get what movies are coming out this week and the following, info about the movies (poster, synopsis, actors, ratings), you can also see the trailers for each movie, what critics are saying about it (info pulled from rotten tomatoes), you can check what people are saying on twitter, share your opinions, amongst other features :)

    So, hope you'll enjoy it, and we appreciate any feedback we can get :)

    PS: (I hope this isn't considered spam, the app is free, has no ads, and it's not even on our dev account (it was submitted on the class/school account))