Do you have Xrumer? Penguin will be a joke for us! Are you ready to use it? Read on...

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by littlewebdragon, May 11, 2012.

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    well this is quite simple JV that I'm after for. :)

    I do have quite a few tools myself, but this particular project that I have on mind requires Xrumer...
    I don't have that one. :)

    I want to test something that I've seen that works after Penguin and I've seen guy ranking in a week for very very very tricky keywords... He ranked in literary a week!!!

    I know exactly how to replicate it, and I can make profiles myself, but not as many as someone with Xrumer and quality lists can...
    That's why I need someone for JV. And afterwards, just blast out those links, or ping them, or we can post them with SB I don't care what are we going to do to get them indexed.

    So what's up with all of that...?

    Well it's quite simple, give me a week, or let's say 10 days tops. I will test my theory out, you blast the hell out of links, I will get you EVERYTHING ON A PLATE, keywords, links, everything that you need, I will make websites and we will see how it ranks.

    I'm going to make myself 9 websites approx... Choose KW's, and everything related, and you will just blast and blast and blast... It will be 3 per niche...

    What's in it for you? I'm not a shithead, if this works, I will pay you in cash, not sure how much that's a risk that you have to take, BUT you will have a method that you can use and it's penguin proof and it takes a week to rank for any keyword... How about that for payment?

    REMEMBER that after we do this, if it works, I still don't have a xrumer, so can you guess to who I'm going to pay for any future services?

    So, yes, it's a bit of risk for both of us, but bear with me for a week, 10 days top! You have nothing to lose but a bit of time...

    And we can both profit ($$$$$$$) a LOT afterward! :)

    Send me a PM if you are up for it and we can even start tonight...

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    I got it, pm me the details.
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    xrumer, senuke, no hands seo, you name it... ive got it... pm please, im interested to find out more