Do you have lots of domains?


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Oct 23, 2008

What I need from you is around 50-100 domains daily just for 5-10 minutes. I just need you to change the domain name severs to my name servers for 5-10 minutes and then its yours. It doesn't matter what kind of domain it is. It can have any extention. you can even buy new domains for this or you can your use old ones. you can get them free from anywhere if you know any trick. I tried to get them free from somewhere, but I couldn't. I am willing to pay 50 cents per domain. I know its not much but all you have to do is, change nameservers for few minutes.
Hit me up on any IM or PM me if your interested.

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he isn't asking to buy them for .5, you just need to change the nameservers for 24 hours.
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