Do you do the majority of SEO yourself or do you outsource it? What works best?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ghoast, Feb 23, 2011.

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    So I was wondering if the majority of people who are getting the best results in the SERPS are doing the majority of SEO themselves or are they doing a little themselves - on site type stuff - and then outsourcing mass link building etc etc to others?

    I was thinking that it's probably better to do a little of both because you really can't get the same effect if you're the only one doing it. The time it would take you to build backlinks in excess by yourself would far surpass what you could achieve by using the help of 2 or 3 companies/people at the same time.. or would I be wrong?

    My plan - when I get my new site up and running - is to do some article marketing myself and at the same time outsource mass backlink generation and some Xrumer stuff to other people. That way I'm getting twice as much done! However I'm going to be the one in charge of the research - my outsourcing will merely be giving people work that I've already set out - not just some kind of 'here's some money please help me rank' type deal!

    What do you find works?

    Thanks in Advance?
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    This question comes up a lot. It really just depends on how much work you're going to put into it.

    It's quality vs quantity.

    Most services are about quantity with very low quality. I started off doing it myself until I could afford to outsource it. If I want quantity I go to the BST section. If I want quality I go to odesk and hire and train someone.

    I never outsource on page SEO.
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    Depends on the project really. If the competition is low you can outsource for sure. Still as JEricho mentioned on page SEO better be done by you / as long as you know what you are doing/
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    It depends on if you have the skill and tools to do it yourself. If you have the necessary tools, the best thing is to do the whole thing yourself. Doing it yourself, provided you have the skills, will give you the best quality and quantity. In a situation where you really dont know much about SEO, the best thing is to outsource it. One advantage in doing it yourself even if you dont have SEO skills is that you learn on the job. After doing it fore a couple of times and reading other tutorials, you become skilled at it and every tool you use gives you the best quality and quantity.
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    I always say, leave it to the experts...let them do what they do best, and focus on what your good at
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    I think it's important to at least learn how to do it yourself and do it yourself in the beginning. Knowledge is power. Once you learn the tools and methods and are MAKING money, you should incorporate outsourcing.

    Once you get to the point where you're ready to scale your operation, that's when outsourcing is key. Then you get into finding people to work for you that do the job you want exactly how you want it done. Once you get quality people organized, it makes things a breeze.
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    I usually make the major part of SEO by myself, but sometimes I pay for little SEO works on my project to give a push in the serps. Perhaps I could do backlinks forms blofs and forum, so I pay for some articles o press releases for example.
    This gives more variety in your project and better results.
    But when you contract someone, it's best to do it one by one, when one finish his job, get another and so, not all at the same time because they could make some problems in the problem(get your site to de Sandbox) ,also yopu can see the effect of every work you pay for if contract them one by one.
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