Do we have to register a company for a shopping site build by affiliate links?

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    If we build a similar site like, do we need to register a company? Although it is a shopping site, it is fully based on affiliate links (Feel like still a blog and I heard about blog does not need to register as company)......I am in USA.. thanks!
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    Socks service
    Raise CTR! Effective methods to increase CTR in teaser networks.

    How to Increase CTR teaser – it`s a very popular question.
    But are you sure that it should be increased?
    Professionals do not recommend chasing the highest CTR, and even frightened by the fact that in this pursuit the budget can be drain in vain. Today, we are talking about it in detail based on the analysis of teasers Advance TS.
    Why you should not raise the CTR?
    It's simple - the highest CTR ratio does not guarantee a high conversion. You can cause a stir, bring attention to your teaser, to encourage many users to click on it, but the end result will depend on how many of these users will be targeted. How many of them will become leads, and will not close the page of transition after 20 seconds.

    Increasing of CTR is possible and necessary. But only in a way that will ensure the conversion of clicks in leads. Otherwise, the increasing of CTR is not only useless, but also will help you to drain the budget quickly and useless.

    What determines the CTR?
    CTR depends on the location of the ad unit on the page, neighboring ads, seasonality, and other factors. Not all of them can be influenced directly.

    Available ways to increase clickability:
    • select the the actual, trendy offer;
    • choose a prominent image;
    • write a working title.
    •Visual effects, which raise CTR ads and increase quantity of leads:
    Keep an eye on quality
    We have already mentioned the fact that the images must be clear and of good quality, and will not be repeated. Sure, you know it and remember.

    Show what's inside
    This advice is especially important for game themes, it does not lose popularity for several months. After showing the user what to expect after switching on your ad, you will increase the CTR not only "quantitatively", but also "qualitatively", attracting more leads.

    Add "call buttons"
    "Play", "Start", "View", icons of social networks, and so on, depending on the subject and offer. When we see the button, there is a desire to click on it. This technique can also be used in the creation of effective ads in teaser networks. To work with animation buttons is even better: twinkling, blinking, increasing. But do not bring the level of animation up to the annoying.

    Keep track of trends
    If we look for advertising in AdvanceTS, which was popular in the category of "Weight Loss" a couple of years ago, we will see ads with celebrities in the TOP. Now, set a filter for the summer 2016 and will see that the entirely different pictures are "fashionable" now:
    Celebrities are still working with publishers, but significantly less than earlier and another:
    If you have tracked the trend, so have time to use it. No need to fully replicate popular photos. Try to stand out while remaining within the popular format or topic.
    The numbers and specifics
    The numbers attract attention and provide information that may cause the users interest. Indication of the prices works very good with the part of the audience, which is already seriously considering the purchase of this product. This is exactly what we need - not to draw all Internet users, but only those who are interested in advertised offer. Specifying at a discount also draws attention.

    If we analyze, for example, the top four ads by the offer "the Ferrari Sneakers" using AdvanceTS, we can see here:
    • shipping information - "all over Ukraine";
    • an indication of the discount - "half-price";
    • advantages and an indication of the popularity of the goods - "breathable material", "hits of the summer 2016".

    If you have data for analysts and competitors examples, it`s not difficult to increase CTR of the teaser.
    The main thing to do it not to the detriment of the conversion. To draw more targeted clicks, you need to specify the important information for the user in the advertisement:
    • the price or a discount, ie information that will show the user - this product can be purchased profitably;
    • unique advantages;
    • an indication of the popularity of the product - people are more willing to buy what is in demand.

    The picture should stand out from the competitors and show what the user receives when clicks on the ad:
    • Goods - in categories: clothes, shoes, toys, jewelry, etc.
    • Process or opportunities (eg, panel of character creation) - in the games category.
    • The result of the use of the advertised product or technique - in categories: health, beauty and similar.