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    Hi guys... here are my top tips for using firefox to find killer SEO data on any website.

    Bookmarklets. Bookmarklets look like bookmarks in your web browser, but when you click on them a javascript action is run. There are a lot of bookmarklets out there, but my favorite actions are ones that take the webpage you are currently viewing plugs it into an SEO service or social bookmarking URL lookup on another website. For example, there is a URL bookmarklet that will take the current site and plug it into delicious' URL function... showing you how many times it's been bookmarked and what tags people are using to bookmark it. Sweet! Another good one is the bookmarket. Socialmeter doesn't always work, but it at least re-forms the site into URL links for the top social bookmarking sites. One click and you can see digg, furl, etc tags and ranking. Check your ranking/tags everywhere! Yoono is a firefox plugin that does a lot of social bookmarking stuff. But that's not what I really care so much about. What I care about is the "discoveries" feature in the sidebar. This feature tells you related websites to the site you're looking at. Kind like what you get if you did a google similar pages search. But it's backed up by social bookmarking. It's a really good way to find the top websites related to the one your looking at (or your competitors!) This is literally one of the most killer web services I've ever seen. You can use this thing to create your own shortcuts for web searches at any website. Not only is it a huge timesaver to access any search you want just by typing a few letters followed by the search term (is your search bar filled up with tons of searches? this is your answer), but you can use this to lookup any websites in any SEO service extremely easy. First, type "about:config" in your addressbar. Find the "keyword.URL" line, and change it to "" This will then make yubnub your default search engine. Ok, so now go to a website you like. Go up to the addressbar, and type "alexa" then a space before the address there. Hit return. What happened? Did you just lookup your site in alexa? ;-) That's because "alexa" is the shortcut at yubnub for doing an alexa site lookup. Oh, by the way, I found out that "alexa" was the keyword for this search by typing "ls alexa" in the addressbar. This does a command search at yubnub for all keyword searches that contain "alexa". So to sum it up, if there ANY SEO tools out there on the net you like to use, and you find it a pain in ass to cut and paste url addresses, just use yubnub instead, straight from the addressbar. It rocks ;-)

    One final tip. The most amazing SEO plugin for firefox is Suffice to say, turn this thing on, and you will be able to see a million different kinds of SEO stats about the current website. Plus it plugs into google and the other search engines, so you can SEO stats on websites before you even visit them. Easily check the PR, alexa rank, etc. for every site that shows up in google's SERP. Killer, killer, killer ;-)
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    Ive not heard of SEOQuake before, thanks for the tips
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    I recently discovered Share*aholic and it's been mighty helpful:
    Social networking and link-sharing addicts rejoice! Shareaholic allows you to quickly share, bookmark, and e-mail web pages via a very wide array of your favorite web 2.0 social networking & bookmarking sites