Do Short Clickbank Sales pages sell better these days?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by Crono, Jun 14, 2010.

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    I am checking out some clickbank top selling products and there is no long sales pages that would take an hour to read like there was 2-3 years ago. I am just wondering because I want to launch a product but I don't want customer to see one of those long pages. Do these really convert well or is there some secret I don't know about.

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    PS. I am also looking for templates like the ones used in these top ranking clickbank products, are there any in the forum?
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    I for one like to read short and not very long pages get to the point thats me . The days of MLM paper mags there were short copies due to the restricted page length but still wome were genius and pulled my wallet out my pockets in two minutes
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    It depends, pricier product - long copy, cheap product - short
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    Your answer is "Yes and No" because it depends on the niche. Also you have to remember that most companies refine and refine their copy and condense it down and they do this until it effect conversions.

    It also depends on what you are selling and the particular niche and the mindset to that particular niche. It is not the length that matters, it is what message you have to purvey in order to get someone to buy. You also have to take into account the presell and the whole overall sale process.

    Just today I was looking at buying a guitar, the shop didn't know, the manufactures site does not have the info I need to make a buying decision. So in the mean time I will look at another brand and wait till I talk to a dealer who knows his stuff. Had they had all the info I needed they would of had a "high ticket sale"

    So sometimes you don't need a lot to convince someone to buy because there is not a lot of features and benefits etc. But if you don't have enough then they don't buy. So it is not about the length.

    Even with long long copy I still today skim and then look for key things I want answered, things like features, price points, specs etc. A good copywriter will lay out certain objections so people can make that buying decision.

    You also have to factor in the difference between a high converting and a high grossing and what is happening on the back-end.

    So no specific answer for your question...

    As for templates there are many here that will design them for you! Also you need to look outside CB as ther are similar products on other networks that are doing 3-1 of some CB products.
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    Long copy is there to provide all the information the buyer needs, and overcome all their objections to the sale.

    Real world example:

    If you went to buy a car, and the salesman rattled off the price, engine size, top speed, number of doors, vehicle dimensions and all the rest in 30 seconds flat, would you buy?


    You buy the car because you take it for a test drive, the salesman makes you feel good by telling you you're an awesome driver and the car suits you, you feel the shiny leather and THEN you ask about the details.

    You also get time to quiz the salesman about specific things that you're interested in, and finally you get onto price and getting your wallet out. All of this takes 30 minutes, not 30 seconds.

    The art of a good copywriter is to make the copy "feel" short, even when it's actually 50,000 words and takes 3 hours to read :)
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    I for one HATE to go to a site and it be a big wall of text. I usually just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and get the important info and go on. As far as conversions though- the long pages seem to convert better.
  7. precious007

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    Usually if someone is dead interested in the product will read the page from top to bottom...

    I've found the long sales letters, usually the highest converting.

  8. oyim2000

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    people stlll do read long sales copy. Long testominial filled sales copy helps too. I believe they converts well.
    personally I usually don't read the long sale copy. I will check the price of the product first and after that I will head over the google and type "product name review or scam" .
  9. macpaulos

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    I prefer short and sweet. But I have noticed that on long sales copies they highlight and bold certain phrases that appeal to the buyer. So as you scroll down you sub consciously take in those phrases like 30 day refund ect