Do people still need WRITERS?

Even if you hire a good writer, how can you tell if AI wasn't involved in content creation?
That's the tough question
Even if you hire a good writer, how can you tell if AI wasn't involved in content creation?
That's the tough question
Very good thoughts, I think in a same way. All writers now more or less use AI in such type of work
Definitely, there are some styles AI can't copy, yet but they still required, I believe that most writer use AI and that is ok and they refine and modify the info according to their needs so is used like a tool not only to produce or generate content so they still leaving their ideas and research when working.
Sure, only good writers can write thoughtful, well-analyzed, and expert content. AI writers can help with ordinary purposes.
I think in literature and copywriting (as in other areas), AI will quickly replace "junior" level work, like task-based roles. But the world still needs those who can set tasks. And it doesn't matter whether you're setting these tasks for an employee or for ChatGPT.

As for literature as an art form, it's a matter of philosophical discussion. Personally, I believe that humans will find ways to remain relevant. Take photography, for example. Its invention led to a crisis in visual arts. But artists came up with new styles like Impressionism and abstraction, reinterpreting visual images, while others became photographers.Maybe we'll see something similar with writers? Some might create amazing collaborations with AI, while others might invent a new literary genre that's beyond AI's reach.
Even if you hire a good writer, how can you tell if AI wasn't involved in content creation?
That's the tough question
This is one question I’ve been trying to get an answer to. There are ways these writers use AI and you won’t be able to detect it even with AI detectors
Since we work for Google. We are convincing a bot to rank us according to what we provided in our website. It doesnt matter to google how we write that thing as long as it is providing what it is looking for. So why not just use AI to save time.
it's the end for junior writter but qualified persons will be always book. We are all tired about chat gpt style
Of course they are in need. but also a huge favor if they also have additional experience from different sphere their articles about
The content writing forum on this site is still full of sellers transacting business for writing jobs.

I do think the demand has decreased due to AI but some webmasters and companies still prefer human-written content.
As of now AI is more a productivity tool than a complete one-click solution. Writers are still needed to make content unique and quality with the help of AI. Some companies prefer fully human written content. But overall in my opinion the demand for writers will never be like it used to be especially not for the price that average writers used to charge
For true next level creativity yes. Like
CEO level creativity. But for simple good writing No
share thoughts guys
Writers are important for understanding nuance, emotion, and creativity in writing. AI may be able to create content based on data and algorithms, but it lacks the ability to truly understand human emotions and experiences. Furthermore, human writers have the ability to adapt and evolve their writing style based on trends, audience preferences, and feedback. So for me the freelance writing is not dead
Really depends on the type of content in question. There are some types of content where not using AI is insane.

AI is also far from being able to create personal brands, that's where the human touch is priceless IMO.
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