Do not trust sugarwillis

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    Alright so this dude PM's says he can help me out.. and shit and tells me to sign up with this offer place. and he'll mentor me and help me out. So i said okay i did that.. the next thing i know he has blocked my PM i can't even message him. and wutever the site i signed up now i'm scared cuz they have my personal info! IF HE MSGS u REPORT HIM! I thought everyone here were friend and suppose to help one another out, Not scam one another!! :(

    This is wut he send me:

    AH, i JUST CHECKED and he has been BANNED! but still keep ur heads up and be smart!
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    why is this in blackhat seo?
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    Everyone on BHW was a newbie at one time. It sucks that more experienced members would take advantage of us newbies. My advice is to PM a moderator.

    Also, just read as many threads, that pertain to your business, as possible. There is so much info out there. If you need personal help, I would check the "Services For Sale" section.

    Only work with members with good feedback (see the "iTrader" link on the left side with the member's information). Hope this helps.
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    He was banned as Pay per install talk is not allowed here.

    I run the forum for pay per install @ http://www.******************* that gives free information on how to make money with these type of programs.

    He was caught out and apparently did not give any help to anyone it was a scam to get you to signup through his link. This was not allowed here under any circumstances, no matter what type of program pay per install or not.

    Your best bet is to report anything suspicious here with the Report PM button inside your private messages.
    Zango is a trustful program i know them all in there and he obviously does not. Any problems please let us know but i would advise checking out my forum.

    http://www.******************* this will help you without being scammed and making someone else money.

    I hope you join us over there as pay per install can be quite interesting and make anyone fast cash.

    Again i repeat your information is safe with Zango, but not safe with sugarwillis he is not to be trusted at all as i have read all his PMs and they are all similar to referring people then blocking them in all messengers possible.

    He has been banned on both forums as he done the same on both.
    I hope you didnt pay money or nothing and never do, coaching is not allowed here without our prior consent.
    And any information on pay per installs is free at the above forum.
    Hope this helps.