Do monthly membership sites work ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by slickrick, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    Do sites work that offer monthly membership for like 19.95 ?

    Not in the making money niche but in other niches.

    What do you guys think of this and how much are they usually ?
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    Jan 9, 2009
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    I've got one in a sports instruction niche that pays the bills quite well.

    I actually haven't even sold a product in 8 months, it's all membership site income (with a few freebies to sweeten the pot).

    If you take the sales stuff on here from Frank Kern and the continuity stuff from Ryan Deiss and put it to use, you should crush it in any niche outside IM.
    Customers in non-make-money niches just are not exposed to the advanced types of marketing that IM'ers do on a consistent basis, therefore the stuff that was being used in IM back in 2005 still kills it in smaller niches; hence, you can figure it out as you go and get to the more advanced marketing over time.

    One warning though: if you don't have a passion for the niche, I'd really think hard about a membership site - it'll just be one big pain in your ass.

    However, continuity is the key.

    Look at what Frank Kern came out with yesterday - the new Mass Control Monthly product of his is monthly continuity at $297/mo, and he's crushing it big.

    It's not really new, he just threw in another cool bribe this time around.

    Find a good niche with some PLR, hack up the product and turn it into a monthly membership where the customer receives a few .pdfs, maybe a video link every month via autoresponder, and bam - you're in business.

    Personally, mine is a labor-intensive membership site, but I love what I do and I care about my people, so it's not really work for me.

    Hope that helps. - RD
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    I have quite a few different types of membership websites from the lowly $10/mo to $2000/mo.

    It really just depends upon who your market is and what you're offering them.

    I have membership sites set up for:
    --Multi-Million Dollar Construction companies
    --Fitness Professionals
    --Residential Builders
    --Photoshop Noobs
    --Seminar Speakers (noobs)
    --Teleseminar Production

    My whole consulting business for the last 25 years has been based upon some form of membership program. It can be applied to almost any type of market niche.

    I just completed a three hour chat seminar for those on BHW last week regarding how to set these up and the mindset behind them. You can also gain quite a bit of info by searching for $2000/mo Membership" here on BHW.

    As Recon Dude said, if you're new to this then make sure you LOVE what you're doing or else you're going to get and sick and tired of it really quick. Most of the "gurus" get bored with their memberships within three months. Mostly because they never figured out how to really tap the gold mine.
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    Membership sites are definitely effective.

    You will build a following of very responsive buyers.

    You will also experience much lower refund rates because people will want to stay as members to continue to receive the information you are giving.