Do I repeat what works....or just try something new?????

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    I've been here before but I just set up a new nickname since it's been a few years since I was last here....

    Okay here's the situation....

    I have a system that seems to work for making money online. I did far better than average with it in the past. Like it was a full time successful business for me for man years. My challenge is that basically it's got a lot of problems.

    here's why....

    I have this concept for what I call a "means to an end service". It sells great. The problem is the service is "so so", because it's a "means to an end type of service" but it isn't "the end". So it can tend to generate a higher than normal amount of customers that are not lets just say "stellar happy."

    I'll give you an example of what I mean....

    A old fashioned Match Making service. (and my idea has nothing to do with dating industry this is just an example) Something like the TV show Millionaire Matchmaker. She provides a "means to an end" but she can't deliver "true love". That's random, beyond her control. Thats' exactly how my service is. I can provide only so much, what happens after that is beyond my control. But the problem is that a lot of the customers might not understand that, so in the past there was blow back as a result of doing this.

    ........................But again.... it made good money for many years.

    So I'm just debating if I should try it again. I say again because I got shut down (lets just say) before, but nothings been decided on that yet. (that's a long story)

    But I have everything razor refined so I'm pretty sure I could get this to work again if I tried.

    The alternative is try something completely new, that's unproven, that I have no results with, no experience with, and of which most of the ideas are done to death. So on the other hand.... there's my good unique service that I know works and is not done to death at all. And I'm pretty sure people would buy again.

    I was thinking that as long as I offer just "stellar customer service" this time I don't think I'd run into any major problems with it. Last time I was lazy and I realize the error of my ways.

    so what should I do??? I just wonder, as I don't want any more trouble but at the same time I spent like over 10 years developing my old system which works very well. I'd hate to just throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    What would you do???:p

    (because my thought is making money online is so hard as is, let alone having to reinvent the wheel, arrrhh. The other problem being I have no income at the moment so I'm basically tempted to go back to what works. There's nothing illegal about it at all infact or anything like that, but it's a challenging business that's all.)
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