Do I point backlinks to my specific domain URL or page URL's on my domain??

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by happywarrior, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Hey dudes!! :D

    Am I supposed to create backlinks to individual pages on my blog, or just point my backlinks back to my specific URL domain ?

    I heard you are supposed to do something like 30% individual pages and 70% your specific domain??

    Does that sound right to you??
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    Start off with your homepage/index and after a little while work on your inner pages.
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    Definitely mix it up. Link to your inner pages and use your KW as anchors. Whatever you do, always do things randomly - different KW, even the odd "click here" and your sites URL as anchor text.
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    Sounds right to me.
  5. balsagoth007

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    You have to point to your homepage with you main keyword anchor in your inner pages, then the link juice will flow to your homepage when backlinking those pages. You will also get more visitors when you do that.
  6. meatro

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    You need to link to whatever page you're trying to rank using the keywords that you want that page to rank for.

    For instance, if you sell Kibbles'N'Bits and Google recognizes that the Kibbles'N'Bits is available at "" then you would build "Kibbles'N'Bits" anchored backlinks at THAT page.

    Now, if you link "Kibbles'N'Bits" to your homepage, it will help some (especially if that interior page is accessible straight from your homepage). But not nearly as much as linking to that interior page itself (not to mention that the "Kibbles'N'Bits" PR will no longer flow directly to that page like you want, but to your homepage instead. Then from there to your product page, reducing the amount of PR flowing to your product page. Gross.)

    Why? Because you're trying to rank that interior page for Kibbles'N'Bits, not necessarily your homepage. This process is similar to setting up your landing pages in AdWords. Do you want your K'N'B landing page to be your homepage, or the page with the product, description, price and BUY NOW button on it? Obviously you want them to go straight to that page when they search. So you optimize that page... Content, title, images, tags, etc all tailored for K'N'B instead of trying to optimize your homepage for EVERYTHING.

    Besides, if you wanted to optimize your HOMEPAGE for all of your search terms, you'd have to have that page so full of content that it would be 50 feet long and nobody would look twice at anything (imagine if Amazon put EVERY product on their homepage or made their landing page for EVERYTHING their homepage, so when you search for "iPod" you go to the homepage and have to navigate. Hello, bounce rate.) You can optimize your product page specifically for THAT keyword.

    Of course you still want to link build to your homepage using these and similar terms.
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