Do I need a custom header menu for home page with silo site?

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    I've been reading a thread on here recently, and there's one thing that confuses me. If you set the wordpress header menu to link to different category pages with drop downs and everything, that would mean it would show up like that on every page, therefore ruining the silo structure since every page would be linking to pretty much everything else.


    In this post:

    It says this:

    Here's an example of the type of site where you would want to silo.

    The way I would structure this is on the main menu of the homepage we have "Shaving", "Anti-Aging" and "Dental" with dropdowns 1 level below, ie, to best beard trimmers, braun shavers and so on.

    If you click on 'shaving' you'll have the same menu you would have had on the shaving only site. Same idea. Drop down to 1 level.

    If you click on Anti-aging, you'll get a menu with 'best anti aging creams', 'anti aging foods' etc."


    What I don't get is, If I have "Shaving", "Anti-Aging" and "Dental" with dropdowns in the menu on the homepage, I'll also have that same menu on every page, and since it would be on every page, that would mean that every page is linking to basically everything else, therefore ruining the silo structure. Am I right about that?

    So wouldn't that mean I'd have to find a way to only have that menu on the home page?