Do bloggers make money from articles like "how to start a blog", even when their articles dont rank?


Jun 15, 2015
I see most of the famous bloggers also find it difficult to rank competitive articles like "How to start a blog", and many other such topics.

Do you think they make money via affiliate links in such articles? As they must be sharing these articles with newbies who are looking for information about getting started with blogging?

ps: this is just one such topic. there are tons of other topics that they don't rank but I feel somehow such articles can also be monetized!
They are of course monetized. Most of them have hosting/theme/plugin/newsletter affiliate links or some type of guides
I make money from a blog that doesn’t rank for shit in any search engine.
It gets good social interaction, and my email list keeps growing: so I care more about that than ranking.

Many people do that, and may also try to rank the site.
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