Do Blackhats Have A Heart?

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    Dec 6, 2007
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    Today as I was feeling the chill of winter more than ever.

    Now I'm on the West coast so it's certainly not the coldest part of the
    world during the winter, one reason I came here :), BUT...

    The frickin heater in my car went out and spending over $650 to fix it
    does not really appeal to me right now.

    As I was feeling sorry for myself I decided to stop in my favorite
    traditional greasy ass fast food Mexican joint where I gladly forked
    over $3.00 for a GRANDE breakfast burito.


    As I walked in the door to my right I could not help but notice a
    man who looked like he hadn't showered in weeks or longer.

    There he sat, his head down and arms folded to warm his chilled body
    while nodding in and out of sleep. He was warm for now or at least
    till the customers started to come in and they'd tell him to get moving.

    I tried asking the cook who's English is obviously limited to what's on
    the menu if the guy had eaten.

    He couldn't understand me but since the guy had kind of woken up I
    asked if he was hungry and offered to order for him.

    You should have seen his eyes light up and the grin on his face. To this
    man that warm food meant everything.

    I handed him a few bucks and said...just order what you want just be
    sure you get food with it. Usually I don't give cash because you and I
    both know they give it up for booze or whatever.

    In my car I could see him ordering at the counter and I nearly welled up
    in tears.

    How could I be so selfish because my heater was not working when this
    man called the street his home?

    I realized how ungreatful and how good I do have it.

    Where one man has no shoes another has no foot.

    Were one man has no foot another has no legs

    I decided to start my day today first by truly being greatful for
    everything In my life.

    There's unfortunately many people without without shelter and food
    and this time of year can be especially hard as the chill of winter spread
    across the USA.

    Hopefully this little post will help some other folks around the world that
    I'll never know about.

    I guess it's kind of like "paying it forward" and doing it just because you can.

    And NOW here's something that still cracks me up when I think about it.

    On a cold night last year my friend and I had stopped for some food
    late in the evening and were so stuffed we wondered why the hell we
    even took the leftovers!

    We decided to find someone who was homeless or looked like they could
    use the food and drove around for nearly an HOUR in an area where usually
    these people are all over the place.

    NOT THIS NIGHT - could not find one darn homeless person to take the
    food. LMAO

    Seriously we drove all over the place that night but never found one
    person to take the meal.

    Finally just placed it wrapped in a bag on an outside self serve
    water station.

    Sometimes they head there to get water for a quarter.

    Lastly...I did not think of this it was brought to my attention from a blog
    I stumbled upon..

    If you donate or want to give clothing to the homeless or people in
    shelters give them HIGH QUALITY WHITE COTTON socks.

    I never thought of it but people on the street spend most days and
    nights walking.

    Good extra thick cotton socks not only keep their feet warm but also
    help keep blisters down.

    Sorry about the serious ass post peeps now get busy and enjoy the journey.

    Time now for me to make some more denaro so I can buy a crap load of socks! :D
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  2. xXKingdom_SEOXx


    Nov 1, 2007
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    lol, i will! really sincere
    they call homeless begger joonsers here
  3. Gallardo

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    Aug 11, 2007
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    Thank you for sharing this.
  4. Zso


    Nov 18, 2007
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    Wow it was moving man, thx.
    You have some writing skills!
  5. wolfmanlv

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    Dec 6, 2007
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    I never heard that term.

    One other thing about the socks idea.

    The guy on the blog who's a marketer I'd never heard of was homeless many years ago and addicted to drugs but supposedly kicking some ass now.

    From a former homeless guy I guess he'd know just how important those socks really are.
  6. wolfmanlv

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    Dec 6, 2007
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    Thanks for your nice comments everyone.

    Thought I'd show you the burito that changed peoples lives this year. LOL

    This pic does it no's a mother of a burito..must be a pound and half..already eaten the other half when decided to show it to you to make your mouths water.


    Loaded with deep fried bacon, potatoes and eggs..and sauce...ummmm

    ok off to make money..laterz
  7. gymgangsta

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    Nov 15, 2007
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    for many on this board, we are entrepreneurs. And you can be sure we are aware fo the homeless. They remind us just how close we are to the edge.

    I don't know where my money is coming from for Feb 2008. If sales dry up on the net, I got troubles Feb 1 on the mortgage.

    But that is the entreprenuers life. Been doing it for 4 years now.

    Everytime I see the homeless, it easy to vision myself there.

    This x-mas, sales are drying up from my internet adventures. Being an affiliate is hard work. The secret is working smart, not hard.

    Been listening to Napolean Hill Think and Grow Rich Audio CDs

    and trying to not see the homeless....<sigh>
  8. BuzzKill

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    Aug 30, 2007
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    Milwaukee WI
    I went from a house on Mulholland Highway to sitting on the front steps of an apt building in West Hollywood with no money, no home, and no where to go, it happened almost overnight. Appreciate everything you have, because life can change in an instant.

    The interesting thing about that story is that some people I had never met from a forum frequented by members that most would consider "shady" helped me get back to where I needed to be. I never thought there would ever be any reason to ever bring that up, but when I read this forum it often times reminds me of those people. I think there is a genuine concern for the well being of others here, and that is hard to come by.
  9. wolfmanlv

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    Dec 6, 2007
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    BuzzKill so glad to know you got back on your feet and help.

    I've been marketing for couple of years and building what I thought were relationships only to find out unless my list is as big as theirs most won't give me the time of day.

    I'm sure it was not easy sharing that part of your life and something so personal but thanks for taking time. Sounds like things are better for you now so keep rockin!
  10. travs


    Apr 14, 2006
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    that is such a heart-warming story,wolf.

    you will be blessed and continue in getting some more of it.