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    They seem good and they say they pay weekly which is something I am looking for in a affiliate progam. Do they convert well? Do they pay on time?
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    I'm just starting and havent actually promoted anything yet with this one but I do with another company .I start tonight. But I would strongly suggest you look on here and get the E-Whoring Step-By-Step Guide that littlekittypurrpurr listed. I have been pouring over info and you will need to also. There are a lot of things to have in place before you actually are ready to speak to someone . Her guide is great it takes a person like me and details steps you should take to prepare such as having pictures of girls and setting up accts and webpages,lists of site to place ads on , url shorteners , messenger downloads, splitcams, avi's, and practically everything to get going. Exactly what I needed with this other site I promote that was all thru trial and lost of errors. A lot of reseach.I have been going 24 hours now on energy drinks and think I am finally ready to get things going. Hope it helps you , sure did help me. It may seem overwhelming but it's not . Just a lot of details to have in place . I just went in my basement after the wife and kid were sleep, amoked a bit, put on my playlist and went step by step. Oh , and make sure you thank Littlekittypurrpurr also. Good Luck
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